The idea of creating a strong state has smoothly been transformed into an idea of having a strong authority; as a result, personality centric power was created tended to authoritarianism.

Styopa Safaryan, AIISA founder Styopa Safaryan, AIISA founder

The guests at the National Press Club today who took part in the discussion dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh movement stated that today the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh movement is not celebrated as it should be.

Dean of the YSU Faculty of History Edik Minasyan, speaking about the achievements of the movement, noted that Artsakh was the victory of our people’s unity. The liberation of Artsakh solved some pars of Armenia’s issue.

“The history of the Karabakh movement is somewhat distorted today. Historians have to do something in this regard,” said Hrayr Ulubabyan, who was a participant of the movement. Many of his acquaintances attribute to themselves things that do not correspond with the reality. Edik Minasyan advised the participants of the movement to write and print their memories and experiences.

Albert Baghdasaryan, a member of the Movement, raised a rhetorical question: “The movement played a major role in laying the foundations of the state, but why did the state fail? And then he tried to answer his own question, by stating that they did not have experience and idea of creating a state.


Source: «A1+»