• To say that tomorrow a large-scale war can begin is wrong: «A1+»

    At any moment you need to be ready for war, but to say that tomorrow a large-scale war can begin is wrong. The enemy may even start a loyal war,” today, referring to the movements of the Azerbaijani armed forces in the Nakhijevan direction, in the last period.

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • Urgent need for Armenia-Russia relations inventory: «Independent»

    The new political course of the new government supposes development and deepening of relations in all directions, however, not at the expense of the other, is what is called diversification, no matter how difficult it’s to utter this word.

    Ruben Mehrabyan, 

    Associate Fellow, Foreign Policy Developments & Security programme

  • Gevorg Melikyan, AIISA associate fellow, assistant and press secretary to the president of the Republic of Armenia

    AIISA associate fellow Gevorg Melikyan appointed assistant to RA president

    The Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs heartily congratulates Gevorg Melikyan, wishing him fruitful work. AIISA is confident, trustworthy and supportive of its associate fellow Gevorg Melikyan in honorable and responsible task of serving and investing his professional capabilities for the benefit of Armenian statehood and Armenia’s sovereignty.

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • Protests in Yerevan (Source: KUNM)

    Moscow Worries Armenian ‘Velvet Revolution’ Could Lessen Its Leverage Over Yerevan: «EDM»

    However, Moscow’s continued primacy inside Armenia is threatened by his eagerness to dismantle the oligarchic order and to undermine the pre-existing domestic economic monopolies through effective reforms. In other words, Pashinyan’s overriding target is to subdue and disrupt this very framework through systemic reforms, which would inherently diminish Russia’s heavy influence on Armenia’s domestic politics and economy, even without the latter country’s departure from the Moscow-controlled Eurasian Economic Union or CSTO.

    Gevorg Melikyan, 

    Associate Fellow, Political Developments & Security Programme

  • H.E. Richard M. Mills, Jr., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to Armenia, and accompanying diplomats at AIISA, February 14, 2018.

    Ambassador Mills introduced US National Security Strategy at AIISA

    Reflecting to US-Armenia relations and US policies in Armenia, the Ambassador particularly stated: “At the Embassy, we are focused on partnering with Armenia to strengthen your democratic institutions and ensure your security by having the freedom to make your own choices.”

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • Trump Phenomenon: Failure of the Best Candidate and Victory of the Best Marketer

    In general, Trump's triumph was the starting point for a new marketing era and the end point for the traditional technology. Tramp moved elections to the Internet, marking the beginning of a new era.

    Leadership Academy Alumnus, 

  • Armenia cannot boast of achievements in the sphere of rational use of natural resources: «FinPort»

    However, for today the use of legal instruments to combat illegal fishing and poaching, as well as tasks related to the effective management of forest resources and agricultural lands, has not been regulated. At a low level is also the scope of management of solid domestic waste. Prospects for development of the economist sees in the framework of the concluded in November 2017 framework agreement with the EU. "In 2017 Armenia did not record significant successes in the sphere of effective use of natural resources.

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • “Aravot”

    “35 Letters to My Son”: Azerbaijani journalist Zeynal Ibrahimov’s sensational book on sources of Armenophobia and Heydar Aliyev’s role

    Lie and hatred lives even in people, who this or that way appear against the authorities, as none of them will dare to openly confess total falsification of history in Azerbaijan and will dare dispute on belonging of Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan.

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • Mohsen Pakparvar, Ali Reza Bikdeli, Styopa Safaryan, Ruben Mehrabyan, Abbas Ghorbani, Armen Vardanyan and translator, 27 December, 2017

    Senior Diplomats of the MFA of Islamic Republic of Iran hosted in AIISA

    The interlocutors exchanged views on regional issues and developments of mutual interest, focusing on perspectives and options for deepening and strengthening Armenia-Iran ties in various fields. 

    AIISA Events Team, 

  • AIISA founder Styopa Safaryan at Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2017

    AIISA at the 7th Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

    Safaryan appeared with a speech at the session devoted to future scenarios of Turkey and Europe, introducing his remarks on tendencies observed in foreign, regional and domestic policies of Turkey in recent years.

    AIISA Events Team,