Founder & head of research programmes
Styopa Safaryan
Կոնտակտային տվյալներ


Styopa (Safaryan) is the founder and head of research programmes of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs—AIISA. He is a policy analyst, political scientist, politician with remarkable personal, academic and professional experience in foreign and security policies, and domestic politics. Author of numerous analytical articles and researches, several monographs, participant of many authoritative forums, conferences and networks, Safaryan is actively engaged both in domestic politics as a young politician and policy expertise as an influential opinion maker.

Prior to the AIISA, Safaryan headed another well-known Armenian think tank—the Armenian Center for National and International Studies—ACNIS, for many years. He left ACNIS after being affiliated to the Heritage opposition party and elected a member of the Armenian Parliament—National Assembly. He represented Armenian Parliament in parliamentary assemblies of NATO (2009-2012), Euronest of Eastern Partnership (2010-2012), BSEC (2007-2009), Francophonie (2007-2012).

Safaryan has graduated from Yerevan State University and its PhD programme, Academy for Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia and University of York, UK. He was a lecturer and an assistant head of two departments at the Armenian Academy for Public administration, as well as delivered lectures in Yerevan State University and European Regional Academy.

Safaryan has been a regular participant and/or speaker of events, conferences and projects of  Wilton Park, Ditchly Foundation, Chatham House, IISS (UK), SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Munich Security Conference, Munich Young Leaders Reunions, Berlin Foreign Policy Forums, (Germany), Woodrow Wilson Center (USA), ICBSS (Greece), Economic Forums (Poland), Democracy Forums (Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia) and other prominent think-tanks in Europe and the USA.

Safaryan authored or co-authored about 10 books, yearbooks, textbooks, and more than 100 articles and researches, appeared in many TV programs,  lots of interviews and comments.


  • Regional conflicts and security, Democracy and human rights
  • Regional powers and extra-regional actors: Russia, the USA, EU, Turkey, Iran
  • International and Regional (Caucasus, East Europe) Security, NATO and its Partners, US, Russia and EU Foreign and Security Policies


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